YMHC Contacts

 This page was last updated April 4, 2017. 

Executive Name Phone # /Email
President TBA  
Executive Director Brad Nullmeyer bnullmeyer@hotmail.com
Executive Director Robert Smith robertjsmith@sympatico.ca
Ice / Director Ian Sparks isparks@lumaevents.com
Chief Referee / Director Arin Otis arinotis@gmail.com
Player Development / Director Robert Smith robertjsmith@sympatico.ca
Discipline Committee Robert Smith robertjsmith@sympatico.ca
  Brad Nullmeyer bnullmeyer@hotmail.com
  Arin Otis arinotis@gmail.com
Events / Director  Cee Cee Robertson ccrobertson@rogers.com
Non-Executive Positions Name Phone # / Email
Registrar Jane Stephens ymhcregistrar@rogers.com
House League Convenor Barry Stephens barrystephens1@rogers.com
Select Convenor Cheryl and John Mullin cheryl.mullin@hotmail.com
Rep Convenor Cheryl and John Mullin cheryl.mullin@hotmail.com
Equipment Manager Tricia Berry  berrysmolej@sympatico.ca
Web Barry Stephens barrystephens1@rogers.com
Timekeeper Administrator Arin Otis arinotis@gmail.com
House League Convenors Name Phone # / Email
House League Convenor Barry Stephens barrystephens1@rogers.com
6 / 7 Division: Minor Novice Don Durno ddurno@rogers.com
8 Division: Novice Robert Fletcher robertscottfletcher@yahoo.com
9 Division: Minor Atom Michelle Brochu / Jason Lang michelle_brochu@hotmail.com; jason@thelangteam.ca
10 Division: Atom Graham Donahue g_donahue@hotmail.com
11 Division: Minor Peewee David Keating davidkeating@rogers.com
12 Division: Peewee Bradford Brock bradford_brock@sympatico.ca
13 Division: Minor Bantam Sean Gilday sgilday0518@rogers.com
14 / 15  Division: Bantam / Minor Midget Bryce Conacher bryce@conacher.com
16 / 17 Division: Midget Jon Arklay / Adam Shearer jon.arklay@bellmedia.ca / adamshearer3@gmail.com
Select Coaches Name Phone # / Email
Minor Novice (6/7) Bruce Robertson bkrobertson@yahoo.com
Novice (8) Adrien Deveau adrienjdeveau@gmail.com
Minor Atom (9) Blair Levensky blair1@waratahcap.com
Atom (10) Ugo Bizzarri ubizzarri@timbercreek.com
Minor Peewee Red (11) Mark Etherington metherington@teg.ca
Minor Peewee Blue (11) John Harkness jharkness@spacefile.com
Peewee (12) Dan Garvey dan.garvey@fastsigns.com
Minor Bantam Red (13) Jason leggett jasonleggett@sympatico.ca
Minor Bantam Blue (13) Scott Cameron scameron66@icloud.com
Bantam (14) John Bellamy jbellamy@paradigmcap.com
Minor Midget (15) David Armstrong david.armstrong@skadden.com
Midget Junior (16) Jon Arklay jon.arklay@bellmedia.ca
Midget Senior (17) Adam Shearer adamshearer3@gmail.com
Rep Coaches  Name Phone # / Email
Minor Atom A Jonathan Hess jonathan.hess@rogers.com
Atom A Mark Gregory yorkmills2007@gmail.com
Minor Peewee A Luke Colovechia lukas_cola@hotmail.com
Minor Peewee AA Keith Gilday keithgilday@mac.com
Peewee A Terry Scott tsdscott@hotmail.com
Peewee AA Ian Mackenzie ian@sdhe.ca
Minor Bantam A Derrell Levy derrelllevy@intechskills.com
Minor Bantam AA Mike Scott michaelscott88@gmail.com
Bantam A Jim Christodoulis jdoulis@clarussecurities.com
Bantam AA Patrice Pare sohpwrsk8@gmail.com
Minor Midget A Sean Gilday sgilday0518@rogers.com
Minor Midget AA Jamie Lougheed jamielougheed@gmail.com