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Respect in Sport (RIS) Parent Program: Please click here

Rowan's Law:  Please click here.

All Bench Staff (House League / Select / Rep)

Understanding Discrimination based on Gender Identity Expression: Please click here

Respect in Sport (RIS) - Activity Leaders:  Please click here

Please note that the Respect in Sport (RIS) - Activity Leader program is seperate and different from the Respect in Sport (RIS) Parent Program.  The RIS Parent program must be completed by 1 parent in order for their child to participate in any level of organized hockey.  The RIS Activity prgram must be completed by any indiviual to be eligible to participate as bench staff in Select or Rep hockey. 

Rowan's Law:  Please click here.

Bench Staff (Select / Rep)

Qualiifcations applicable to all Bench Staff positions (including team managers): Please click here.

Coach / Assistant Coach: Please click here.

Trainers: Please click here

Rowan's Law: Please click here

Note:  In order to complete Gender Identity and Expression course you will need to set up an eHockey account if one has not already been established for you by the YMHC Registrar.  Follow this link to set up your account: