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This page was last updated:  September 19, 2021

Coaches Meetings:  The normal in person cocahes meeting held late September has been cancelled for 2021.  The meeting will likley be held via Zomm.  Contact your convenor for details.   

 This is a mandatory meeting for all house league and select bench staff . You must attend one of these 2 meetings.  Meetings will be held at The Toronto Cricket Club, 2nd floor lounge from 7 to 9pm each night.  Please park across the street at Armour Heights Public School.  Coaches’ Cards and VSS background check forms will be completed at this meeting. Please bring 3 pieces of ID (birth certificate, passport, drivers license - health card is not acceptable). If you are unable to attend this meeting, please contact John Mullin (see Contacts page) to arrange form completion. 

YMHC House League Bench Staff Requirements: In order to act in the capacity of house league bench staff (coach and or assistant) YMHC requires that you must complete each of the following 5 requirements:

1.  YMHC Bench Staff Code of Conduct:  This is a YMHC house league requirement.  You must read and acknowledge this code. For more information - please click here.

2.  Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders:  This is a YMHC house league requirement. This is a requirement for all Select and Rep bench staff

3.  Understanding Discrimination based on Gender Identity:  This is a GTHL / OHF requirement. 

4.  Rowan's Law (Concussion awareness):  This is a GTHL / OHF requirement. 

5.  Police Check:  This is a YMHC requirement.   Details are provided at the annual fall YMHC coaches meeting as outlined above. 

GTHL Certification Standards: The current GTHL certification requirements for all house league, select and rep managers, head coaches, assistants and trainers can be found at the GTHL site:

This link also contains information regarding the following programs:

Speak Out Harassment & Abuse Seminar

Respect in Sport (Speak Out Equivalent)

CBET – Coach Stream for House League Coaching

Hockey Trainer’s Certification / Recertification Program

Hockey Referee Certification Program

Practice Guidelines: To assist Coaches in the planning, preparation and execution of pregame practices please choose any of the following links:

Coach Nielsen:

GTHL Coaches Corner:

Hockey Canada: