Frequently Asked Questions

Child Fitness Tax Receipt
The Child Fitness tax receipt is available as part of the registration process. To print a duplicate copy please log into the Hockey Canada online registration system. From the home page, refer to the top red banner, click on Order History and then on Receipt for the applicable player(s).
General Registration Questions
Is priority given to siblings as part of the registration process?
Yes provided space is available.
Are new members and siblings required to complete additional documentation?
New players and siblings must also provide the YMHC Register with proof of birth and any additional documentation specified by the YMHC Registrar on or before the requested deadlines. Failure to complete and submit any required additional documentation may result in cancellation of registration.
I have placed my child's name on the YMHC sibling or new player wait list. When will I be notified?
The YMHC registrar will advise you only when a position becomes available. Positions may not become available until the season is underway. The YMHC Registrar starts a new wait list in connection with each season.
What are the Registration Fees? 
For the 2015 / 2016 season fees are $500 for players  Minor Peewee (age 11) and up and $610 for players Atom (age 10) and under. 
Can I pay with cash, cheques or money orders? 
No, you can only pay by Visa as part of the registration process.
Can I pay in installments? 
No, payment must be in full at the time of registration.
When does House League play begin?
House league play begins in October the Monday following Thanksgiving.
When will the schedule show the nights and times for all age divisions be posted?
Our General Schedule outlines the days, times and arena locations associated with each division. The General Schedule is not updated until approximately the 1st week of September as the City of Toronto does not finalize ice allocation until the end of August. Click here for the general schedule.
How will I find out my child's house league schedule? 
Schedules will be posted on our web site on approximately 1 week prior to the start of the season.Scheduules will also be posted via Team Snap.
When will I be contacted as to what team my child is on? 
Everyone should be contacted by the Saturday following Thanksgiving. If you have not been contacted by this date contact your Convenor. Click here for our Contact list.
Where do I sign up to be a house league coach? 
Please complete this information as part of the YMHC Hockey Canada registration process.
Hockey Canada Online Registration Questions
I can not access the Hockey Canada website?
Hockey Canada recommends minimum browser requirements as follows: PC Users: Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox / Mac Users, Hockey Canada recommends Firefox or Safari. If your computer does not meet these requirements please use another computer. YMHC can not perform this task on your behalf.
I can not identify my child?
If you are registering a returning player you must enter their name, birth date and gender as it is recorded in the Hockey Canada database. If you are registering a new player or sibling you must enter the name, birth date and gender as confirmed to you by the YHMC Registrar. If you experience problems please contact the YMHC Registrar at Allow 48 hours for a response.
The Hockey Canada screens will not advance?
Hockey Canada fields with an asterisk are mandatory and must be completed. If a screen does not advance an error message will appear at the top of the screen in red. The error must be resolved in order to advance to the next screen. Please us the Hockey Canada system prompts and do not use your keyboard "enter / forwards / backwards" keys. If you experience problems disable popup blockers.
How do I access my account in the future?
Once you have set up your account and registered a child you are no longer a 1st time user. In the future, to access your account, at the Hockey Canada Welcome page please enter the email and password you used to set up your account.
Can I request that my child play with his friend for car-pooling purposes?
Yes. The YMHC Hockey Canada has implemented a "I Friend Rule. Please note that the primary goal of YMHC is to provide equal balanced teams. The decision of the Convenor to move players to achieve balance is final.
How do I know if my registration is confirmed?
You will know that registration is confirmed when all the following takes place: at the end of the online registration process when your payment has been accepted; you have printed your receipt confirming payment and when you login to your homepage account in the Hockey Canada system you will see the player confirmed as a registered member.
When will I receive my Child Fitness Tax Receipt?
The Child Fitness Tax Receipt can printed from the Hockey Canada Home page. Click on Order History in the top toolbar and then click receipt for the player in question. YMHC does not mail these receipts.
For any other questions please email the YMHC Registrar at Allow 48 hours for a response.