New Parent Information

Updated: January 2020

Welcome to York Mills Hockey Club!

You are new to YMHC. You have a few questions. This is a summary of how our league operates.

September Welcome Letter: Every September 1 (or the week of) YMHC sends out our fall welcome letter to all parents, both new and existing. If you are not receiving YMHC league emails please double check your email address in your child’s Hockey Canada profile.  YMHC also sens out additional updates as warranted. Please make sure your email used as part of your child's Hockey Canada profile is current as we use same for all league communications.

Communications:  If you join YMHC after September 1 please contact your convenor to establish communication.  To see what communications you may have missed - please click here.

Registration:  Registration into YMHC is not fully completed until all of the following steps are completed: 

1. Registration into YMHC via the Hockey Canada system:  You must fully register and complete payment via the Hockey Canada registration system. Please keep your receipt as this is also your receipt for tax purposes.

2. Respect in Sport:  At least 1 parent of each child must take the Parent Respect in Sport program. This is an OHF / GTHL requirement. This is a one time requirement.  If you have taken this course elsewhere you can transfer the credentials to your child's Hockey Canada profile. Players may not take part in any YMHC related activity until this requirement is met. For more information - please click here.

3. Rowan's Law:  Effective July 1, 2019 every player and bench staff must read and acknowledge Rowan's Law.  This is an OHF / GTHL requirement. This is a one time requirement.  Players may not take part in any YMHC related activity until this requirement is met. For more information - please click here.

News: The YMHC News page is updated by September 1 each year to reflect the current season. For current information please click here.

Who do I contact about my child’s division?: If you have questions about the administration of your child’s division please contact your convenor. Please visit our Contact page. Please click here.

I want my child to play with a friend. Please contact your convenor as above.

I want my child to play on the Select team:  For more information on our Select program - please click here

What nights will my child play? To see what nights and arenas your child will play please visit our general schedule. This schedule is not updated until the end of July. Parents are reminded that as players change divisions their night of play, arena and time slot will also change.  YMHC is proud that 9 of our 11 age groups play out of York Mills arena.  For more information - please click here.

Where do I find the regular season game and practice schedule?: To find the regular season and practice schedule (for applicable divisions) please click here. Please note that only the 1st few weeks are posted here – the balance is posted on teamSNAP. This schedule is not updated until the end of September.

What happens during week 1 / 2?:  Many divisions undertake a player assessment. For players age 8 and under the 1st 2 weeks are assessment.  YMHC hires professionals to run an assessment - a series of drills which enable your convenor and coaches to assess player skill levels and create balanced teams.

What team will my child be on? For divisions which conduct a player assessment, the teams are created after assessment and before the 1st league game.  You will be advised by your convenor after assessments are conducted and at least 2 days before your 1st league game or practice. This information will be communicated by teamSNAP. For those divisions which do not conduct an assessment regular season play will commence during week 1. Your convenor will contact you at least 2 days prior to your 1st game via teamSNAP to advise which team you are on.

teamSNAP: teamSNAP is a very important divisional communication tool used by YMCA. For more information on teamSNAP, please click here. It is very important than you download and use teamSNAP. Full regular season schedules and practices will only be posted on teamSNAP; only the 1st 3 weeks of the regular season and practices will be posted on our website. Game cancellations will only be communicated by teamSNAP. Your convenor will send you an invitation to join teamSNAP - it is very important that you accept it.

Picture Day: For information on picture day -  please click here. This is usually updated by mid September. There are no make up dates. Players should be fully dressed and ready to go 20 minutes before their scheduled game time.

Education: To bring yourself up to speed on the educational and training requirements that are required for new parents please visit our Education page. .

Play-offs: All teams participate in a round robin play-off format. The top 2 teams make it to Championship Day.

Registration for next season: Registration for the next season takes place about 2 weeks after Championship Day - usually around the middle of April. If you fail to register during the registration period you may still register but you are not guaranteed a spot for the next season.