YMHC 2020 / 2021 Recent Communications

This page last updated: September 7, 2020

The following is a listing of YMHC general house league communications in connection with the 2020 / 2021.  If you did not receive these communications, please check your SPAM and or update your child's Hockey Canada profile with your current email address.

House League

September 7, 2020: (All registered and non registered participants all divisions) - please click here.

September 4, 2020 Update: We hope that you and your families are safe and healthy. We appreciate your support of York Mills Hockey Club. We look forward getting back on the ice.

Further to our updates released July and August 1, we advise that the GTHL released their “Game Plan” - Return to Hockey Framework Version 1 on September 1, 2020. This Plan, which contains numerous revisions from previous versions, outlines the timelines, protocols, and procedures that all GTHL affiliated hockey organizations (initiation, house league, select and rep) must follow in connection with the 2020 season.

For a 1-page synopsis of the Game Plan framework please see the attached PDF document.

For the full Game Plan framework which includes the 1-page synopsis – please click here.

YMHC is now working very hard with the GTHL and the City to put together our 2020 house league programs based on the Game Plan framework. YMHC is working with other local hockey associations to share understanding of the Game Plan, share best practices and explore possible avenues of collaboration.

Once these steps have been completed, we will communicate our program details.

YMHC appreciates your patience and understanding.

Repeat of our July and August 1 communications follows with a few updates:

“Many of you are asking what YMHC’s plans are for the 2020 house league season.

In order for YMHC to confirm our intentions for the 2020 season a few things must happen:

  • The City of Toronto and the GTHL must announce their “Return to Play” protocols. At this time, we anticipate that the GTHL and the City will announce their “protocols” in the next few weeks. We will advise you when this happens.
    Update September 2: The GTHL, as mentioned above, issued their “Game Plan” on September 1, 2020.
  • YMHC must then review these guidelines, implement required procedures, and then complete the registration process.
    Update September 2: YMHC is now reviewing the Game Plan and we are determining how to organize both games and practices within the guidelines established by the GTHL and the City. YMHC will shortly set a registration deadline for nonregistered / undecided parents. YMHC requires final registration numbers to make informed decisions about divisional play.
  • Based on the timing of these announcements and the number of registrants YMHC will then make final decisions about the start date and length of the season, finalize our divisional structure and general schedule.
    Update September 2: YMHC will communicate next steps and our plans in the next few weeks.
    If YMHC is not able to offer a full season of play, we will issue full or applicable refunds based on the length of the season.
    YMHC intends to offer our annual Used Equipment Drive and Apparel program, subject to the above.
    To review our tentative general schedule for the 2020 season - please click here.