General House League Schedule for 2020 / 2021

Updated: July 1, 2020.

The OHF and GTHL have adopted new divisional naming conventions starting with the 2020 season. The new and old naming conventions are shown below.  

The following is a tentative indication of our 2020 General Schedule.  We will finalize our 2020 General Schedule when the City of Toronto and the GTHL announce their return to play protocols and when YMHC completes its registration process.  

Championship Day:  Sunday April 5, 2020. 

Parents are reminded that as players change divisions their night of play, arena and time slot will also change.  YMHC is proud that 9 of our 11 age groups play out of York Mills arena. 

Learn to Play (age 5 to 6 only; born 2014 / 2015)

Sundays 4:45pm nd 5:45pm York Mills (fall program)

Sundays 5:45pm and or 6:45pm York Mills (winter program; subject to change)

Under 7:  previously Tyke born 2014

Game: Tuesdays 6:40pm and 7:35pm at York Mills 

Practice: Mondays 5:40pm at Angela James (alternate weeks)

Under 8: previously Minor Novice born 2013

Game: Wednesdays 6:45pm and 7:35pm at York Mills  

Practice: Mondays 6:25pm and 7:15pm at Angela James (alternate weeks)

Under 9: previously Novice born 2012

Game Mondays 6:40pm and 7:40pm at York Mills

Practice Wednesday 7:10pm at Angela James (alternate weeks)

Under 10: previously Minor Atom born 2011

Game: Thursdays 6:40pm and 7:40pmat York Mills 

Practice: Mondays 7:15pm at Angela James (alternate weeks)

Under 11: previously Atom born 2010

Game: Thursdays 6:10pm and 7:10pm – 8pm at Oriole

Practice: Mondays 6:10pm at Cummer (alternate weeks)

Under 12: previously Minor Peewee born 2009

Game:  Wednesdays 7:00pm and 8:00pm - 8:50pm Pleasantview 

Practice: Thursdays 8:10pm at Fenside (alternate weeks)

Under 13: previously Peewee born 2008

Game: Wednesday 8:10pm and 9:10pm at Angela James 

Practice: Saturdays 7am at Mitchell (alternate weeks)

Combines with Under 14 at 8:10am starting January 2021

Under 14:  previously Minor Bantam born 2007

Game: NEW for 2020 - Thursdays 8:40 pm and 9:40pm at York Mills 

Practice: Saturdays 8:10am at Mitchell (alternate weeks)

Under 15  (previously Bantam born 2006) combined with Under 16  (previously Minor Midget born 2005)

Game: NEW for 2020 - Tuesdays  or Wednesdays 8:40pm and 9:40pm at York Mills 

Under 18: previously Midget born 2003 / 2004

Game: Monday 8:40pm and 9:40pm at York Mills