Respect in Sport (RIS) Parent Program

Respect in Sport (RIS) Parent Program

This page was last updated September 2020.

The Ontario Hockey Federation has mandated that beginning with the 2016 / 17 season at least one parent / guardian of every minor hockey league player will be required to take the Respect in Sport (RIS) Parent Program. YMHC monitors player compliance through the Hockey Canada Registry since each players profile is updated when the parent completes the RIS course. 

The OHF commented "This program encourages positive behaviour, effective communication, and provides parents with valuable tools, which can only enhance the enjoyment of our game for all stakeholders. Value added programming, including Respect in Sport, is one component of the OHF's ongoing commitment to its membership, to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants".

YMHC is required to comply with this directive as a member organization under the GTHL.

This mandate applies to all players participating in YMHC house league, select and rep programs.

The siblings of parents who do not take this program will not be permitted to participate in any YMHC related program for the 2020 / 2021 season.

The cost of this program is $12 and is paid on-line when taking the program.  This on-line course takes approximately 45 minutes.

A participating parent is only required to take the program once - you do not have to recertify.   Once you have taken this course and certification appears on your child's Hockey Canada profile your child may participate with YMHC.   

Please note that if additional children belonging to the same parent subsequently join YMHC you must further associate completion of this program with each additional child. You can import RIS certifications taken from other organizations and you can transfer RIS certifications to other children playing in YMHC.  

This program is separate and distinct from the Respect In Sport for Coaches / Activity Leaders Program that select and rep bench staff are required to take.

Respect in Sport Parent Program: Here is the link to take this program:

The Respect in Sport organization along with the GTHL and OHL have prepared the following Parent Program Manual. For more information, please Click Here.

To resolve issues related to sharing a RIS certificate with YMHC or adding a RIS certificate to another child’s profile – please click here.

If the above solutions do not resolve your issue please contact Respect in Sport Group at 1-866-956-9791 or

For further information please visit the GTHL website at: