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Last updated: March 2023

YMHC is a volunteer run organization. We have a passion for hoc­­key, striving to deliver a great experience along with the best service possible. Please have patience with inquiry response times, especially during the off-season months. We will get back you as soon as possible.

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    2539 Bayview Ave, North York, ON M2L 2Y4, Canada

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Executive Name Email
Executive Director, Hockey Operations Robert Smith robertjsmith@sympatico.ca
Executive Director, Governance & Finance Brad Nullmeyer bnullmeyer@hotmail.com
Ice Allocations Ian Sparks isparks@lumaevents.com
Cheif Referee & Game Operations Arin Otis arinotis@gmail.com
Player Development / Director Robert Smith robertjsmith@sympatico.ca
Discipline Committee Robert Smith robertjsmith@sympatico.ca
Events Director Cee Cee Robertson
Digital Coordinator Nathan Gerson Nathangersonedits@gmail.com

Non-Executive Positions

Non-Executive Positions Name Email
Head of House League Michelle Brochu michelle_brochu@hotmail.com
Select Convenor Cheryl and John Mullin ymhcgm@gmail.com
Rep Convenor Cheryl and John Mullin ymhcgm@gmail.com
House League Registrar Michelle Brochu michelleatymhc@gmail.com
Rep and Select Registrar Barry / Jane Stephens ymhcregistrar@rogers.com
Used Equipment Drive Manager Anne AbbassHarkness anneabbass@hotmail.com
General Manager, Select & Rep John Mullin ymhcgm@gmail.com
Timekeeper Administrator Arin Otis arinotis@gmail.com
Website Ian Sparks isparks@lumaevents.com
Registrar Barry Stephen

House League Convenors

House League Convenors Name Email
Head House League Convenor Michelle Brochu michelle_brochu@hotmail.com
U7/U8: Born 2015/2016 Jonathan Krieger jrkrieger@gmail.com
U9: Born 2015 Open If you are interested, please email michelleatymhc@gmail.com
U10: Born 2014 Andrew Farncomb farncomb@cairnmp.com
U11: Born 2013 Taylor Simms Brown tsimmsbrown@jascor-intl.com
U12: Born 2012 Mitch Perrault / Brook Hamilton michelperreaultjr@gmail.com / Brook@AllegraMarkham.com
U13: Born 2011 Peter Jelley pjelley7@gmail.com
U14: Born 2010 Open If you are interested, please email michelleatymhc@gmail.com
U15/U16: Born 2008/2009 Alanna Hope ymhcu14hl@gmail.com
U18: Born 2005/2006 Sherrie Berdusco/Adam Laidla sherrieb@me.comAdam.Laidla@gmail.com

Select Coaches

Select Coaches Name Email
U8 Aly Tsourounis atsourounis@gmail.com
U9 Bailey Roth bailey@redstoneagency.ca
U10 Rob Tomchick rtomchick@gmail.com
U11 Ron Lalonde rlalonde@bfc-tech.com
U12 Red TBD  
U12 Blue Sarah Thompson stebbutt44@hotmail.com
U13 Bruce Robertson bkrobertson@yahoo.com
U14 Red Chris Butts coachbutts1@yahoo.com
U14 Blue Tyler Butts tyler@mybreakaway.ca
U15 Scott Maxwell smaxwell@minigrid.com
U16 Red Ugo Bizzarri ubizzarri@hazelview.com
U16 Blue Graham Hepworth graeme_hepworth@yahoo.ca
U17 Red Mark Etherington metherington@teg.ca
U17 Blue John Harkness jharkness@spacefile.com
U18 Andrew Ternan andrewternan@boltdevelopments.com

Rep Contacts

Rep Contacts Name Email
Under 11 A kyle hunter jkylehunter@gmail.com
Under 12 A John Mullin ymhcgm@gmail.com
Under 13 A John Mullin ymhcgm@gmail.com
Under 14 A Luke Colavecchia lukas_cola@hotmail.com
Under 15 A Jonathan Hess jonathan.hess @rogers.com
Under 17 A Luke Colavecchia lucas_cola@hotmail.com
Under 18 AA Mario Cicchillo mariocicchillo@gmail.com