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Welcome to the York Mills Hockey Club's Rep Hockey Program, the pinnacle of competitive hockey for advanced players seeking the thrill of high-level competition. Representing YMHC in the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL), our program provides young athletes with the opportunity to challenge themselves against top-tier opponents, all while enjoying the game they love. We believe that by pushing the boundaries of their skills, our players not only improve their game but also have a ton of fun in the process.


The Rep Hockey Program at York Mills Hockey Club represents the epitome of competitive hockey. It's a platform for young athletes to showcase their talent, dedication, and love for the sport. At YMHC, we're committed to developing top-tier hockey talent, and our GTHL program exemplifies this dedication. It's an environment where players can reach their fullest potential, both in terms of their hockey skills and their personal growth.

The Penalty Box

The York Mills Hockey Club provides an opportunity for our community's more advanced players seeking a high level of competitive play, to represent YMHC in the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL). Through weekly practices and games against top-tier opponents, your child will develop their skills to the fullest potential. We believe that by challenging our players, they will not only improve their game but also have a ton of fun in the process!

  • Develop skills to the fullest potential
  • Challenge players and improve their game
  • Fun, competitive environment
  • Represent a community hockey club in the Greater Toronto Hockey League
  • Experienced coaches teach leadership, communication, safety, hockey skills, and game-related systems.

Our commitment to nurturing hockey excellence begins at the grassroots level and extends all the way to the GTHL. We take immense pride in providing players with the opportunity to represent a community hockey club in one of the most prestigious leagues in the region. This is where aspirations turn into reality, and where dreams of making it to the next level begin.

Rep Hockey Ontario

The Path to Excellence

The Toronto Hockey Development Program at York Mills Hockey Club is the ultimate path to excellence for aspiring young players in the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL). We understand that the journey to becoming a top-tier athlete requires dedication, hard work, and expert guidance. Our commitment to developing the next generation of hockey stars in York Mills is unwavering. With the York Mills Hockey Development Program, we focus on honing the skills and talents of our players, equipping them with the tools they need to excel in the highly competitive world of hockey. Our program is a gateway to realizing their dreams, whether it's making it to the professional leagues, securing a spot on a college team, or simply enjoying the love of the game. Here, we believe in turning potential into achievement, and we do it exceptionally well.

A Proven Formula for Success

The York Mills Hockey Development Program is a proven formula for success, providing young athletes with the opportunity to reach their full potential. We've carefully crafted a program that encompasses cutting-edge training, expert coaching, and a nurturing environment that fosters growth. Our commitment to player development extends beyond the ice. With a rich history spanning decades, we take pride in producing well-rounded individuals who not only excel in hockey but also in life. The success stories of our alumni, many of whom have transitioned to the professional ranks, college teams, or even as leaders in their communities, are a testament to the effectiveness of our Toronto Hockey Development Program in York Mills. Here, we don't just create players; we build futures.


Participating in the YMHC Rep Hockey Program offers a multitude of benefits. It's about taking your skills to the next level. Our program provides access to high-level coaching, cutting-edge training facilities, and top-notch equipment. With an emphasis on advanced skill development, we aim to ensure that every player reaches their fullest potential.

Competing at the GTHL level means facing top-tier opponents, scouts, and college recruiters. It's a platform for exposure and recognition. Many of our players have gone on to join junior, college, or even professional teams, and their journey began here. Our program sets the stage for personal growth, discipline, and character development. It's about shaping not only skilled hockey players but well-rounded individuals who are ready to take on the world.


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Our Rep Hockey Program includes a comprehensive range of services and offerings. Our coaching staff is highly qualified, experienced, and passionate about hockey. They provide top-level coaching, ensuring that every player receives the instruction they need to excel. Our rigorous training regimen, practice schedules, and specialized clinics are designed to push the boundaries of skill development.

We take pride in our state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge equipment, and the latest technology that aid player development. In addition to regular practices and games, we often participate in showcases, tournaments, and exposure events, offering our players a platform to shine on a broader stage.

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Rep GTHL Hockey Program in York Mills, Toronto

Ready to take your hockey journey to the next level? We invite you to explore the world of elite competitive hockey with our Rep Hockey Program. Please feel free to reach out for more information or to express your interest in the program. Take the first step toward elevating your game and enjoying a competitive, exciting hockey experience with York Mills Hockey Club. Serving the York Mills neighbourhood and surrounding communities. York Mills, St. Andrew-Windfields, Windfields, Hoggs Hollow, Bayview Village, Armour Heights, Lansing-Westgate, Willowdale, North York, Toronto. Reach out to us by filling out the form below.

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