Updated: April 16, 2022

April 16, 2022: Please check the entire page as divisions may not be in age order. Please check back as dates and times may change. Please contact the team directly for team selection information. The cost per tryout per player is $25. For our contact page - please click here.

U10 A1 Marc@koplaw.com
08-May-2023 05:30 PM Scotiabank rink #1
09-May-2023 05:30 PM Scotiabank rink #1
U11 A1 jkylehunter@gmail.com
09-May-2023 05:30 PM SCotiabank rink # #2
10-May-2023 06:00 PM Cummer Arena
U12 A1 ymhcgm@gmail.com
08-May-2023 05:30 PM Scotiabank rink # #2
10-May-2023 07:00 PM Cummer Arena
16-May-2023 07:45 PM ScotiaPond
U14 A1 ymhcgm@gmail.com
08-May-2023 07:00 PM The Rinx #2
09-May-2023 08:00 PM Pleasantview Arena
U15 A1 lukas_cola@hotmail.com
08-May-2023 09:15 PM The Rinx #3
10-May-2023 08:00 PM Cummer Arena
U16 A1 jonathan.hess@rogers.com
08-May-2023 09:00 PM Pleasantview Arena
U18 A1 lukas_cola@hotmail.com
09-May-2023 09:00 PM Pleasantview Arena
U18 A2 mariocicchillo@gmail.com
01-May-2023 06:00 PM Cummer Arena
03-May-2023 06:00 PM Cummer Arena
04-May-2023 06:00 PM Cummer Arena

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