Welcome to the YMHC Select Hockey Program, a prestigious endeavor where the pursuit of excellence and the thrill of competition converge to create an unparalleled hockey experience. Our select program stands as the apex of youth hockey, offering dedicated young athletes the opportunity to compete at a higher level while honing their skills to perfection. At the heart of our program is a deep-seated commitment to player development and excellence, an ethos that permeates every facet of our offering. As we delve deeper into this content, you'll discover the profound purpose, multifaceted benefits, and comprehensive services that define the YMHC Select Hockey Program, in partnership with Hockey Development Program Toronto and Hockey Development Program York Mills.

The Penalty Box

The York Mills Hockey Club provides an opportunity for players to compete at a high level and develop the skills necessary to play competitive hockey. Our teams are chosen from players in our house league, and we take pride in the determination, skill and sportsmanship of our players. With dedicated volunteer coaches and team staff, we are able to provide a positive hockey experience that prepares players for future competition.

  • Provides an opportunity to compete and develop skills
  • Additional ice time provided for tryouts and weekly practices
  • Provides exhibition games with NYHL teams and outside competition
  • NYHL league games from mid-October through to the end of February
  • Playoff round beginning March through the end of April
  • Tournament opportunities throughout the year .Players who make a select team are required to play on their house league team on a regular basis. Failure to do so may jeopardize the player's position on the select team. Select players are required to pay additional fees over and above those charged by the house league to offset the costs of additional ice time, league fees, uniforms and tournaments. Ages are as of December 31, each year.
Select Hockey Toronto

YMHC Select Hockey Program Benefits

Enrolling in the YMHC Select Hockey Program opens the door to a world of transformative benefits for both players and their families. At the core of our program is a relentless dedication to advanced skill development, an alliance with Hockey Development Program Toronto that ensures our players have exclusive access to top-tier coaching. This coaching approach guarantees that young athletes receive expert guidance throughout their journey, while a continuous cycle of mentoring and skill refinement propels their development to new heights. Within this highly competitive environment, our players face off against formidable opponents, gaining valuable exposure to scouts and recruiters, showcasing the benefits of the Hockey Development Program York Mills. For those nurturing dreams of ascending to higher echelons of hockey, such as junior or college teams, our select program serves as the ideal springboard. However, our program offers more than just hockey; it fosters personal growth, discipline, and the lasting bonds of lifelong friendships.

Hockey Development Program Toronto Integration

Elevating Skill Development

Our partnership with Hockey Development Program Toronto has always been a cornerstone of our commitment to developing top-tier hockey talent. As part of the YMHC Select Hockey Program, players have the unique opportunity to synergize the excellence of both programs. Our coaching staff, in collaboration with Hockey Development Program Toronto, creates a customized training approach that ensures that each player's potential is maximized. With a strong focus on skill development and tactical understanding, our athletes receive the comprehensive guidance needed to excel in the competitive arena.

Enhancing Player Development with Hockey Development Program York Mills

Empowering Future Athletes

The Hockey Development Program York Mills augments our mission to nurture young hockey talents. By partnering with the YMHC Select Hockey Program, players benefit from an enriched environment where they receive specialized coaching, innovative training, and holistic player development. We firmly believe that a partnership with the Hockey Development Program York Mills broadens horizons for our players, facilitating their growth into exceptional athletes both on and off the ice.



The YMHC Select Hockey Program offers a comprehensive suite of services, further enriched through our partnership with Hockey Development Program Toronto and Hockey Development Program York Mills, designed to cater to the needs of aspiring athletes. Central to our program is our coaching approach, helmed by experienced and qualified coaches who work diligently to mold young talents into skilled athletes. The amalgamation of their expertise and the continuous guidance from the Hockey Development Program Toronto ensures that players receive the highest level of instruction and mentorship. Within our rigorous training regimen, players follow carefully planned practice schedules and participate in specialized clinics, ensuring they receive the highest level of instruction, showcasing the benefits of the Hockey Development Program York Mills.

Our state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge equipment, and advanced technology contribute significantly to player development, ensuring they have the tools to thrive on the ice. Our program's uniqueness shines through in features such as showcases, tournaments, and exposure events, collectively making the YMHC Select Hockey Program the ultimate platform for young athletes to realize their potential.

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In order to try out for a select team you must 1st register with YMHC. If you did not play for YMHC in the immediate preceding season or are not currently registered with YMHC you may not take part in any YMHC related on ice activity including try-outs, games or practices. When you register with YMHC via the Hockey Canada registration process please respond YES to the Select participation question when completing the questions in the Hockey Canada online registry.


Try-outs will be scheduled prior to the commencement of house league play.

Select programs will provide budget information later.

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Select Hockey Development Program in York Mills, Toronto

Ready to embark on the journey to elite hockey with the YMHC Select Hockey Program, in partnership with Hockey Development Program Toronto and Hockey Development Program York Mills? We invite you to explore the opportunities and services we offer. To learn more or register for our select program, simply fill out the form below. We're excited to have you join us on this path to hockey excellence. Your future in hockey starts here, with the YMHC Select Program. Serving the York Mills neighbourhood and surrounding communities. York Mills, St. Andrew-Windfields, Windfields, Hoggs Hollow, Bayview Village, Armour Heights, Lansing-Westgate, Willowdale, North York, Toronto. Reach out to us by filling out the form below.

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