David Garard:

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David was a house league and select coach from 1996 through the 2004 / 2005 season. David was also a valuable contributor to the Executive and always proud to represent YMHC. David, together with Mark Etherington, Kevin Brillinger, Glenn Sora and Jeff Kline (early years) established a program and level of success that has set the standard for all YMHC Select teams. Together, their success story is truly remarkable: 1996 - NYHL Tier 3 Champs, 1997 - Scarborough Sabers and Goulding Park Tournament Champs; 1998 - Silver Medal in Lake Placid Tournament, 1st place and NYHL Tier 1 Champs; 2000 - Canada Cup (Montreal) Tournament Champs, Shamrock Tournament Champs, King Clancy Champs; 2001 - USA Cup (Cleveland) Champs, NYHL Tier 1 Champs; 2002 - Sportsweekend Tournament Champs (Detroit); 2003 - Wexford Tournament Champs, NYHL Tier 1 Champs, 2004 - Ft. Lauderdale American Thanksgiving Bronze, Toronto Valentines Tournament Champs. David's teams have traveled to Europe not once but twice over the years…in 2000 they traveled to Finland and Sweden where they won a Silver Medal and then participated in 2002 in an International Tournament in France and Switzerland where they won Gold. Over the years, David's teams record was an impressive 237 wins, 101 losses and 41 ties (despite losing their 1st 9 games in season 1!). As impressive a record as David's teams have attained, for David the best part was the shared journey that he, his fellow coaches, players and parents enjoyed over the years.