Jay Granatstein:

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Jay Granatstein spent 25 years with York Mills Hockey Club – from 1980 to 2005. Jay felt that his time spent with the Club "were some of the best years of my life."

Jay started with the club in 1980 when his son Rob, age 6, started playing hockey. At the time, the 6 and 7 year-old league had six teams but only two coaches. Jay eagerly jumped in as a coach – there were now three coaches to run the six-team division. Between instructing and officiating, the coaches never left the ice. In his first year, Jay was requested by Bruce Magee to join the Board of Directors. Jay maintained an active and valuable role on the Board for all of his 25 years with the Club.

In 1982, Jay assumed the role of convenor for the 8 and 9-year-olds while at the same time coaching a house league team, a select team, organizing league sponsorship and team sweaters.

In 1983 his youngest son David joined the league and he stepped behind the bench for his team too.

Three years later, David made the eight-year-old's select team and again Jay took on the coaching duties

For the next 10 hockey seasons, he coached four teams (two house league teams and two select teams) and convened one age division, managed sponsorship tasks including coordinating uniform requirements for the league. When his youngest son left for university, Jay stopped coaching, but didn't leave the York Mills Hockey Club. Jay stayed on the Board and continued to look after hockey jerseys for the league and act as an advisor in all capacities.

Jay wouldn't have traded his moments with his sons on the ice for anything in the world. As a member of the York Mills Hockey Club, he was honoured to be part of an organization that was so important in the lives of so many kids in my community. Jay’s dedication and contribution to the Club over 25 years were invaluable.