Stephen J. Lende:

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Under the direction of President Stephen J. Lende, 1976 and 1977, significant contributions to YMHC were made.

In order to capture the history of the league, Steve initiated the tradition of posting all league team pictures on the walls of York Mills arena in 1975. This tradition continues today. To raise league profile, Coaches were outfitted with distinctive red and blue jackets which were highly regarded.

When Steve took the helm, it was discovered that league finances were not in good order. It appeared that league funds were missing. Through his efforts these funds were restored.

Prior to the start of the 1976 season, participation was down to 300 players. Steve contacted existing sponsors and attracted new sponsors and was able to increase league revenues. By the end of the 77 season, the league had increased participation to approximately 750 players.

At a time when relations between Quebec and english Canada were at a low, Steve initiated a home and home series with house league teams from Quebec. Players and families were billeted at the other team's homes which created a true exchange of culture. Steve was passionate that the game of hockey could help resolve cultural differences. This tradition continued for a few years after Steve departed from YMHC.

As one his last efforts, Steve positioned the league to once again participate at the A, AA and AAA levels. This initiative mysteriously faded away.

Outside of hockey, Steve was a successful lawyer. In 1968 he was the federal election campaign manager for John Turner.

Steve's fondest memories were of York Mills Hockey Club. Steve often remarked to his family and friends that if people just remembered him for his efforts within York Mills Hockey, that would be satisfaction enough.

In 2005, through his sons Michael and Daniel, the Stephen J Lende Volunteer of the Year Award was established to be awarded annually by the Executive of York Mills Hockey Club. In conjunction with the special 50th anniversary celebration, held Saturday April 2, 2005, Michael and Daniel made the initial presentation.