Ed "Corky" Ross (1932-1987):

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Ed Ross, an Executive of YHMC, was a catalyst in the formation of YMHC Executive during the early 60's assisting in the establishment of the Charter in 1964. Ed was the first YMHC Coach to participate in the prestigious Quebec Peewee Hockey Tournament in 1974, advancing to the semi-finals.

After his York Mills days were over, at the request of Doug Napier, Ed represented Doug's son Mark as his player agent. Together with Doug Napier, Ed was responsible for changing the landscape associated with the junior draft. Previously, the minimum age for the draft was 21, but due to the efforts of Ed and Doug, the age of the draft was changed from 21 to 18. Mark Napier made the jump from the Toronto Marlies to the Toronto Toros of the WHA at the age of 18, changing the landscape for all junior players. The NHL was forced to alter their draft age in order not to loose their junior stars to the WHA.

Ed, together with Doug Napier and Gus Badali took the next step and went on to create Sierra Sports Management, one of the first sports management organizations. Together they represented such well know players as Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Paul Coffey, Steve Yzerman, John Tonelli and of course, Doug's son Mark Napier. At one time they represented over 75 of the finest NHL hockey players.

Ed also owned and managed the North York Junior B's in the 1970's.

Although Ed never played hockey he developed a profound love and passion for the game. Ed was a well respected gentleman both personally and professionally and a proud contributor to the rich history of YMHC.